Our school is committed to maintaining a high standard in school uniform and relies on parents and teachers working together to meet school expectations.

We seek to ensure a large portion of our uniform is on sale in mainstream outlets but our branded items are available via in Lichfield.


The Years 7-11 uniform consists of:

  • Plain black blazer with a school badge
  • Plain black full length ‘suit-style’ trousers
    Any kind of jeans-style, fitted or with detailing are not allowed
  • Plain black ‘suit-style’ or pleated skirt close to the knee
    Any fitted, stretch lycra or skirts that the school considers too short are not allowed.
    Studded, coloured (other than black) or decorated belts worn with trousers or skirts are not allowed.
  • Plain black shoes
    Shoes with colour markings, badges or trim are not allowed.
    Training shoes or boots must not be worn.
  • Plain black pullover or cardigan
    Hoodies are not allowed.
    Pullovers that cover the knot of the tie or fitted tops of any kind are not allowed.
    Pullovers should not have obvious logos.
  • Plain white shirt tucked in
    Polo shirts, fitted shirts or shirts without a top button are not allowed
  • Official School or County clip-on ties
  • Plain black or flesh-coloured tights
    Footless, patterned or coloured tights and leggings are not allowed
  • Plain black, white or grey socks

Hoodies and sports tops / sweaters are no permitted in school.

Sports Kit

The branded Years 7-11 sport kit can be purchased from Uniform Plus (U+) but many items can be purchased from a wide range of outlets:

Boys PE Kit


Black/red rugby top with the school badge (U+)

Black PE shorts with the school badge (U+)

Knee length red socks

Swimming trunks / shorts (not below knee), cap and towel


Football boots

Xổ số ba địa điểm An GiangGum shield (H&S requirement)

Shin pads (H&S requirement)

Black base layers (for winter)

Girls PE Kit


Xổ số ba địa điểm An GiangBlack/red polo top with the school badge (U+)

Black PE skorts or shorts  with the school badge (U+)

Xổ số ba địa điểm An GiangKnee length red socks

One-piece swimsuit, cap and towel


Gum shield (H&S requirement)

Xổ số ba địa điểm An GiangShin pads (H&S requirement)

Xổ số ba địa điểm An GiangBlack base layers (for winter)



Optional additions include a black school fleece with logo (U+) and swimming goggles.

Whilst we believe that the uniform requirements set out above in bold are very clear we have provided some additional guidance in italics. Staff are available throughout the summer holidays for further clarification and throughout the year thereafter.

In addition to the school uniform requirements, please note:


Xổ số ba địa điểm An GiangExtremes of hairstyle are not allowed. This would include, but not be limited to, colourings that cannot be naturally grown, any kind of patterning, or lengths of cut that the school considers to be inappropriate.


Also, although one stud or sleeper earring in each ear may be worn, all other forms of facial piercings (including tongue piercings) are not allowed. Other jewellery must be worn in moderation.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not permitted to be switched on by students during the school day. This expectation runs from their arrival on the school premises until the school days ends at 3.05pm.

Xổ số ba địa điểm An GiangOnce again, if you have any doubts about whether specific items of uniform are acceptable it is essential that you contact school before purchasing so that the cost of replacement can be avoided.

If a student arrives to school in incorrect uniform then we will:
1. Confiscate the item(s) of incorrect uniform
2. Confiscate the item(s) of incorrect uniform and provide a non-negotiable alternative
Xổ số ba địa điểm An Giang 3. Contact parents or guardians so that they can bring the appropriate item(s) of uniform to school

If a student has their mobile on or used during the school day we will:
1. First occasion – Confiscate the mobile phone (electronic device) and return it to the student at the end of the school day
2. Second occasion – Confiscate the mobile phone (electronic device) and return it to the parent / carer when they come into school to pick it up.
3. Third occasion – Confiscate the mobile phone (electronic device) and return it to the parent / guardian in a meeting with senior staff. This meeting is likely to result in the student facing a serious school sanction which will go onto their school record.

For more information about our school uniform, please contact Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, via office@friaryschool.co.uk.